Nice to meet you!


My name is Miyoshi Akaogi.

I am a new player for Orca Kamogawa FC! 

(新加入選手の赤荻美佳(アカオギ ミヨシ)です

This is my first time spending winter in Japan and I think it is very cold.

Being born and raised in California, USA, I am used to the year round warm weather.

In college, my friends and I would go to the beach or spend our time long boarding next to the beach after class. 




It has only been a few months since I moved to Japan and I don't know too much about this country, but I want to learn more about Japan.




On the soccer field, I hope I will be able to use my skills and strengths to help this team win.

Off the field, I hope to improve my Japanese speaking skills to one day meet and connect with you, our fans, and the community!

I hope to meet everybody soon!